Shadow of Moon Projected in the horizon during Total Solar Eclipse

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One of the most beautiful and deeply things that we can experience in nature, is viewing a total solar eclipse. When the diamond ring appears for the first time and the Baily’s beads phenomenon turns on, we start to listen people screaming and crying…immediately after that, the beautiful light from solar corona becomes visible, and the daytime becomes twilight, it´s really impressive! On August 21, 2017, I and millions of people across the United States had the opportunity to witness the unique and unforgettable moment when the Moon itself completely blocks the sun´s disc.

The image above, was captured in the beautiful Stanley Lake, Idaho, few seconds in the end of Totality, and when it seems to me that I have catch the similar phenomenon of Earth Shadow, but this time produced not by the shadow of Earth itself, but by the shadow of moon to be in front of the sun, and maybe intensified by the fact that the sun was starting to appear a little bit which means that could have projected well the shadow of the moon disc and due also the fact that in the ground the light was yet faint like twilight, allowing to be more well seen with naked eye. I also would like to add, that I only noticed this because I took another shot with the same setup and position, just few seconds later and the pink shadow near the horizon have vanished.


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