Biography of Miguel Claro

PT | EN Born in 1977 in the north of Portugal, and today based in Alqueva, Alentejo. Miguel Claro is a portuguese professional photographer, author and science communicator in the astronomy field, promoting the scientific divulgation of astronomy through public talks, stargazing sessions, articles, exhibitions and workshops of astrophotography. Over the past few years he has specialized in astronomical photography of landscapes or Skyscapes, a concept that makes a connection between the Night Sky and the elements on Earth, valuing the architectural heritage, cultural and landscaping, as well as enhancing in an educational and scientific way, the Universe, which is full of stars but nowadays stays unnoticed to the most people. He is the official astrophotographer of Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve — the first “Starlight Tourism Destination” in the world, located in the eastern part of Portugal’s south–central Alentejo Province. Is an ESO Photo Ambassador from the European Southern Observatory (ESO Gallery by M.Claro), a Contributor and a TWAN photographer member – The World at Night – representing Portugal (TWAN gallery by MClaro). Was jury in several national and international competition for night sky photography such as “Photo Nightscape Award – PNA” held annually in Paris, France, and “Capturing the Dark” 2022 Contest from IDA – International Dark Sky Association, in US. It has been a lecturer in two editions of TEDx, in Lisbon and Caldas da Rainha, and a speaker at CEDIC´17 “Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference” in Austria. He collaborates regularly with National Geographic (Portugal), Astronomy (USA), Astronomy Now (UK) and Ciel et Espace (France).
Member of the portuguese leading workshop team, Primeira Luz, is also author of the astronomy and photography book: Astrofotografia – Imagens à luz das estrelas available in Portuguese, and the new Photo Art book: “Dark Sky Alqueva — O Destino das Estrelas / A Star Destination” a bilingual edition (PT/EN) published by Centro Atlântico. His images are available for sale directly in this website, as well as through the photo agency Science Photo Library (UK) and Gallery Astro (France). See the copyright statement: click here.

Protagonist of an article distinguished as “Best Edit” in National Geographic magazine, was also the the winner of “Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award 2019“. Shortlisted 4 times in the same contest, was also awarded as “Highly Commended” in “Our Moon” category in “Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023” and as “Highly Commended” in “Our Sun” category  in “Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022” by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, in London, UK. Was also one of the winners in the “International Earth and Sky Photo Contest – 2011”, and the overall winner of the Portuguese Astrophotography Contest from OAPB in 2017.

His images have traveled the world and been published in books and in the most prestigious international magazines, such as the “world’s best-selling” Astronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy Now, BBC Sky at Night, Ciel et Espace, Astronomie, and Astronomìa. In Portugal, his images have been published in many different magazines, national newspapers and television stations, SIC, RTP and TVI.

Several images of Miguel Claro have been distinguished by NASA as APOD – Astronomy Picture of the Day and EPOD – Earth Science Picture of the Day

Professional Contacts: Currently he is contributing with many institutions around the world, linking and promoting astronomy and photography in many different ways. Feel free to contact Miguel Claro – in english, portuguese or spanish – with your question or proposal. You can order a signed “Fine Art Print” available in many different sizes and types. If you are interested in requesting any professional information related to work, such as: a Photography Assignment, Article, Public Talk, Private/Public Photography Course or Workshop, Book, or request an interview for any Media, you are welcome to use the contact form.


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