Gas and Dust Up to the Zenith

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A view of the Milky Way in a vertical dizzying mosaic up to the Zenith. As a photographer and book author, I’d say: maybe an image in a “tab book format” where we can still see the yellowish effect of ariglow and the area of cloudiness (gas and dust) that make up the Milky Way, with several emission nebulae visible in the image (in violet tone). The picture was taken in a region of the Hermitage of San Pedro, in Mourão. The brightest stars have left his trademark on the calm water, which mirrored again, the beauty of the universe!

Canon 60Da – ISO1600 Exp 15 secs. 35mm f / 2 – Mosaic of 9 images. Taken in 15-06-2013 at 02:51 AM

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