A “Macro” Picture of the Moon – Planets Alignment

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Self portrait of the conjunction between Jupiter (the Brightest star in the image) and Crescent Moon with the disc only 3% illuminated by the Sun, and where is visible the Earthshine effect. Venus, also in conjunction, was covered by the cloudy band in the Lisbon horizon. While I was enjoying this beautiful and gold moment, holding my camera, I remembered to take a “Macro photo of the moon, maybe the first macro-moon shot from planet earth :=) “, but is it possible ?, yes it is, just take a look to the second picture, I only have to approach my lens camera, to the lunar limb :=) Images taken from Capuchos, Almada, Portugal.

Canon 50D – ISO400; Exp. 2sec. F/4; 35mm. 11/05/2013 21h41 and 21h43.


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