Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon

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I made this sequence of images, in the night of the “Global Star Party”2011, in one of the most beautiful astronomical heritage of the world, the historic Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon. Above the front building, we can see the trails of Ursa Major, and in the image of the right side building, we can see the trail of moonset as well as the Gemini stars, Pollux and Castor, and behind the yellow main dome, the Menkalinan and Capella stars, from Auriga constellation. It was a great challange photographing the beauty of the place, against the high level of light pollution, in the midle of Lisbon. I made 3 separated images and also a composed image with all of 3 diferent views, in a portrait and landscape version. All the images were taken in the same night 09-04-2011 between 23:34 and 2:11. The History of OAL or AOL

1-Image above:

Canon 50D- Exp.13″ F/5.6 ISO500 10 mm – 145 images – Total: 31mts


2-Image above:

Canon 50D- Exp.20″ F/5.6 ISO500 20 mm – 154 images – Total: 51mts


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