Beatiful sky

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This image was captured in the land of Juromenha, near Alandroal, one of the regions covered by the Alqueva´s Dark Sky Reserve (, distinguished as the Worlds First Star Light Tourism Destination.However, during the two nights that I was shooting, I had the great presence of the moon to light up the landscape, creating many different blue sky tones and showing less stars than we usually see, with naked eye. The moon, let me capture the beauty of the place with incredible romantic views in a scenery full of quiet, peace and plenitude. Lakes, horses and millenar olive trees, is just an example of what we could find there…

Canon 50D – 10mm f/4 30″ ISO800 taken in 06/10/2012 at 2h48 Sum of 36 images with a total integration of 18 minutes.

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