By the Light of the Moon – Turning the Night, in Day

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This amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean against the Rocky cliffs from Cabo Espichel, was only possible to be photographed during the night, due, to the strong light of the Moon that was almost full and could Light up all the dramatic and beatiful scene. In the sky, during two hours I could register the path of the brightest star in the celestial sphere ( Sirius), that is visible in the middle of image. The light of the moon like a trick of magic turned the night in day, with the sky staying blue. The white clouds near the horizon gave the last fine touch, in this quite and peaceful scene.

Canon 50D- ISO640 f/5 Exp. 20″ 10mm lens in 07/01/2012 between 22:56 and 00:59. Sum of 339 images.

Above- Panoramic image composed by 5 vertical photos.

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