Diana´s Temple Moon – Évora

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The Roman Temple of Évora (Portuguese: Templo romano de Évora), also referred to as the Temple of Diana (Diana, was the ancient Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt, and chastity) is an ancient temple in the Portuguese city of Évora.Specialists believe that the temple as been constructed around the first century A.D. in homage to Augustus who was venerated as a god during and after his rule. The temple is part of the historical centre of the city, which was included in the classification by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.It represents one of the most significant landmarks relating to the Roman and Lusitania civilizations of Évora, in Portuguese territory. In the sky we could see the path of the Moon and above it, the bright trail of planet Mars.

Canon 50D – ISO125 f/10 15mm Exp.20″ in 08-03-2012. Sum of 307 images taken between 21h47 and 23h39, in a total time integration of about 102 minutes.

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