Enjoying the Passing of a Bright Star

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It´s amazing to watch the reaction of the people when for the first time, they could watch a special star moving over their heads, like happened with this small group of participants during a workshop I gave in the Dark Sky Reserve, here in Portugal. At the same time that the ISS was passing in the sky, I told the them, to watch, enjoy and imagine something fantastic, that is the fact that in this special and apparent “star”, there are humans living in permanence…

The image was taken with the ISS at a magnitude of -3.3, passing in the highest point of 77º SE.

Canon 50D – ISO2500 Exp. 30Sec. f/4 10mm. Sum of 8 images. Total time integration of 4 minutes. Taken in 13/01/2013 at 5:58 AM.

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