Finding Polaris Star in Falperras Hill

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This “self portrait” startrail was taken in Falperras Hill, a rural hotel in Mourão, one of the regions covered by the Alqueva Dark sky Reserve, in Portugal. In this polar startrail we could easily identify the Polaris star – who indicates the North – not only because the “star vortex” seems to spin around this central star, but also due to the light path left by a satellite (not ISS), that seems to point to this same star. Below right in the sky picture, is also visible a strong flare left by satellite Iridium 66, with a magnitude of -4.5. In the land, we could see the Monte Falperras hotel, Myself enjoying this beautiful and peaceful moment – full of meaning – as well as two olive trees, the much typical tree available in the fields of Alentejo region. Canon 50D – ISO1600; 10mm f/4 Exp 30 secs. Sum of 344 images taken in 14/07/2013 between 22:53 and 01:59 AM.


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