Jupiter shining with Orion in Los Andenes

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Above the horizon and clouds, at left, Jupiter is the brightest star shining in this view captured from Los Andenes, in the greatest night sky of La Palma, Canary island. In the center, lies the Rosette nebula. Above right, Orion Constellation shows besides the different color of each star, highlighted by orange Betelgeuse, we could see some deep sky objects like the Barnard´s Loop, and Lambda Orionis, was well near the “belt” stars, the Flame and Horsehead nebula,  and below, the Runing Man  nebula and the Great Orion Nebula with it´s impressive brightness. Other interesting object clearly visible in the image, is the NGC2175 the Monkey Head nebula, between the right center and corner of the image. To create the spikes in the star, was used a star filter in the front of the lens.

|   Canon 60Da – ISO1250; 24mm at f/2; Exp. 49 secs. in 30/09/2013 at: 02h37 AM + Vixen Polarie

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