Manivela Moonset

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In the image we could see the moonset (almost like the sunset, with an orange tone) reflected in the Alqueva´s Lake water, where is located the old: “Fonte da Manivela” or in English the source crank. The image was captured in Mourão, a region of the great Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve. At the first sight, we could think that it wasn´t the moon, but maybe the Sun, so, how could we have sure ? First, because during the sunset we couldn´t see the stars and the sky so dark due to our atmosphere effect. And the most important, if you look carefully in full resolution, you will notice that the moon wasn´t completely full, in fact, due to an Earthshine effect, is also visible part of the moon´s left limb that is in the shadow (not directly illuminated by the sun), something that will not occur in the sun´s surface. Canon 50D – ISO1600, Exp. 10 segs. 24mm f/2.8 – 16/06/2013 00:50


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