Milky Way in Monte Falperras

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In this view captured in Monte Faperras, Mourão, one of the regions belonging to the Alqueva´s Dark Sky Reserve, we could appreciate the great Milky Way above the Lake Alqueva. In this “strong” arm of our galaxy (from left to right) be present the swan (Cygnus), with its North America nebula (NGC7000) clearly visible. Down to the right, we still find the constellation of Sagittarius with many nebulas like: M16, M17, M24, M20; M8 and Scorpios, with the brilliant super giant star, Antares. In the top of the image, the bright star is Vega, from Lyra constellation, also forming the well known “Summer Triangle” with  Deneb and Altair too. In the left edge of the image, between “Milky arc” and horizon, can be seen the Andromeda Galaxy M31. Canon 60Da – ISO2000; 24mm f/2 Exp 20 secs. In 15/07/2013 at 00:38 AM. Mosaic of 36 images


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