Moon and Mars above Almourol Castle

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The castle of Almourol is one of the more emblematic and cenographic medieval military monuments of the reconquest, and the best representation of the influence of the Knights Templar in Portugal. Located on a small islet in the middle of the Tagus River, in Vila Nova da Barquinha, in the centre region of the country. The castle was conquered in 1129 and it was part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar, and a stronghold used during the Portuguese reconquest.

In the scene, is visible the path of Moon and above it, the orange trail of planet Mars.

Canon 50D – ISO500 f/4.5 10mm Exp.15″ in 01-05-2012. Sum of 125 images taken between 00h22 and 00h57, in a total time integration of about 31 minutes.

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