Moon and Fireworks 2015 – All Sky 360º

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In this 360º all sky view, captured in the midnight of the new year’s celebrations to give Welcome to 2015, we can see the Moon as a strong white tail. Below are the northern constellations, and the trail of a red Very Light which seems to describe the imaginary axis of this “photo sphere”, pointing to Polaris. Above the Moon, stands the celestial equator, with the stars of Orion. Following this “line”, we will find the bright path of planet Jupiter near the TV antenna. This shot was captured from the top of a building in Almada, so we can see around the horizon, the city lights from Lisbon, Almada and Seixal (Portugal), where we can see the smoke of fireworks and the Very Lights that were fired during the celebrations of the New Year!

Canon 6D – f/6.3 ISO 800 Exp. 10 Secs. 8mm Canon L circular fisheye. Taken in 31-12-2014 between 22:42 and 00:10 Sum of 474 images with a total time integration of 1h20.


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