Alqueva Lake, a natural “Star Seismograph”

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This startrail captured in a region of the sky facing south and where is present part of the Milky Way, thus causing a nuance of shades that blend background with well-marked trails of stars in the sky. These tracks, reflected in the lake as if they were “written” by a needle of a seismograph, also due to the effect of polarization, a characteristic effect of the water, allows accentuating the true color of the stars … well reported at the bottom of the image. The hottest stars are blue. The most blue pronounced reflection is caused by the Shaula star, which lies at the tip tail of the Scorpion, as we were able to confirm this “with the natural seismograph” better known as “Great Lake Alqueva” and part of Dark Sky Reserve.

Canon 50D – ISO1600 Exp 15 secs. 24mm f/2.8. Sum of 124 images taken between 03:32 and 15/06/2013 at 4:07 AM

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