Oasis in the Atacama Desert

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A fish-eye view of the ESO’s Paranal Residence known as “La Residencia”. It provides a relaxing environment for astronomers and support staff that come to visit the telescopes at ESO’s Paranal Observatory. To the visitor who arrives at the Paranal Residencia from the harsh natural environment, the welcoming feeling under the dome is unexpected and instantly pleasant. This is a true “oasis” in a form of a small garden with a swimming pool. There is a strong sense of calm and serenity and, above all, a feeling of coming home. At night, the lighting below the roofing closure fabric is spectacular and the impression on the mind is overwhelming. The vertical structure at the centre is an umbrella that is deployed at sunset and during the night, protecting the observatories from all artificial light.

Image taken taken in 17/10/2015 from inside the “Residencia” of Cerro Paranal, Atacama desert, Chile


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