Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the Harvest Moon above Sesimbra Castle

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On september 16h the disc of the moon has reached the 100% illumination exactly at the same time he was rising in the portuguese sky. This september Full Moon is known, according to folklore, as the Harvest Moon, “a bright orb that shines down on the ripening fields of the northern hemisphere, allowing farmers to harvest their crops late into the night”. Besides his normal brightness when it is Full, this particular Moon was a bit darker then normal, due to a penumbral lunar eclipse, that happens when the Moon passes through the pale outskirts of Earth’s shadow. It is much less dramatic than a total lunar eclipse. The final image is a sequence shot captured during 25 minutes, at the moonrise, with a 200mm lens at about 700 meters away from the Sesimbra Castle, in Portugal.

PT: Eclipse penumbral da Lua captada no dia 16 de Setembro. Nesta sequência de disparos combinada, é possível o nascer da Lua acima do Castelo de Sesimbra. Como o eclipse é penumbral, apenas a região superior da lua é ligeiramente escurecida pelo cone de sombra da terra.


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