A Short Journey from the Heavens of Dark Sky Alqueva up to the Comet Lovejoy

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In the movie sequence below, resulting in the final still picture above, we can dip into a short journey that starts in the land of Juromenha, in Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, Alentejo, with a stargazer trying to find with their own eyes and binoculars the glowing green head of Comet Lovejoy. After a few seconds we will zoom in, entering in a real time lapse sequence capturing the slowly movement of the comet and their ion blue tail, made by ionized gas – gas energized by ultraviolet light from the Sun and pushed outward by the solar wind – while it is crossing some stars of Taurus constellation. Finally, we will zoom out in a final still photograph that shows the strong and huge green head of diatomic carbon (C2) – gas fluorescing in sunlight that produces the coma’s green color – as well as a wide view of the entire fainter bluish tail, with more then 5 million kilometers at the comet’s estimated distance of 75 million kilometers from Earth.

Captured in the land of Hotel Naveterra, the sky of Juromenha, Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, Portugal in 11/01/2015 at 20h52m – Canon EOS 6D; ISO 2000, Exp: 56s. at f/2.8 with a Canon telephoto lens serie L at 200mm + Travel mount Vixen Polarie. Sum of 7 pictures combined in Maxim DL 5 with a total time integration of 6,5 minutes. To find the first still landscape picture, click here:  Stargazing the Comet Lovejoy!

PT: Passagem em 2015 do Cometa Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) na constelação do Touro, a uma distância estimada de 75 milhões de quilómetros da Terra, exibiu uma cauda de mais de 5 milhões de quilómetros | Céu do Alandroal, Hotel Rural Nave Terra.

Note: We advise to watch it in HD Mode, to do so, simply click here on Vimeo with the “HD” button turned blue.


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