Signs of Winter

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This image was captured in the land of Juromenha, near Alandroal, one of the regions covered by the Alqueva´s Dark Sky Reserve (, distinguished as the Worlds First Star Light Tourism Destination. The image reveals two bright stars of the summer triangle (Altair and Vega) low in the West horizon, just about 3 hours after the sunset, as a reminder that the summer is going away until the next year. The low clouds are also reforcing this idea, fortunately, we still could watch the Milky Way as a background layer with another kind of nebulosity, with a lots of dust, gas and star clusters. In the foreground, making a dramatic and contrasting view, are two great olive trees, the tree that really represents the landscape of Alentejo, in Portugal.

Canon 50D – 35mm f/1.8 13″ at ISO 2500. Mosaic of 24 images, taken in 05/10/2012 between 22h13 and 22h25. Image with annotation.


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