Stargazing the Comet Lovejoy

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Captured in the land of Juromenha, Hotel Naveterra, in Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, we can see in the picture a stargazer trying to find with their own eyes and binoculars the glowing green head of Comet Lovejoy, located near the center of the image, in the constellation of Taurus.  Canon EOS 6D; ISO 2500, Exp: 15s. with 35mm at f/2 taken in 11/01/2015 at 23h29m | for more pictures and time lapse about Comet Lovejoy, click here: A Short Journey from the Heavens of Dark Sky Alqueva up to the Comet Lovejoy!

PT: Observando com binóculos o cometa Lovejoy | Céu do Alandroal.


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