The Universe Above the Clouds

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In this mosaic image, captured in a height of 2,200 meters from the sea level, and above the clouds, we can see part of the Milky Way arc with a the central region rich in gas and emission nebulae. Near the horizon is Caldera de Taburiente – a very large volcanic crater with about 10 km across – that is full with clouds covering the city lights coming from La Palma. In the image is also visible some soft green airglow.  The picture was taken in Pico de La Cruz, La Palma, Canary Island. The excellent quality of the sky for astronomy  in the Canaries is determined and protected by Law.

| Canon 60Da – ISO2000; 24mm at f/2; Exp. 20 secs. in 26/09/2013 at: 23h37 Mosaic of 23 images.

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