Whispers of Totality

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The video reveals the most incredible moments of the Total Solar Eclipse from 8th April 2024, as seen from Clarcksville in Texas, US. It shows the begining of first C2 contact, when Diamond Rings starts to appear from a wide view, until the last glimps of sun rays while crossing mountains and valley’s on the Moon surface revealing the Baily’s Beads, the last seconds before starts the magical moment of Totality when the Sun’s Aura turns visible. The Solar Corona is extremely hot and dynamic, being the outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere, it reveals intricate fine structures of delicate details distorted by the strong magnetic fields. The plasma of the corona features a lot of loops and wispy white streamers radiating into space. But due to an immense level of brightness it is only possible to see when the Moon is perfectly covering our Sun.

Whispers of Totality not only shows the beauty of the Total Solar Eclipse in all it’s glory, but also the recorded the whispers of our Portuguese voices and the emotions we were living during the Maximum of Totality. This was the most stressful time of our lives, without knowing until the very end, if we could make it. Me and my wife Apolónia, we travelled from Portugal to Pearsall, in Texas, as planned, but the forecast was indeed terrible almost in the entire US, or at least where the path was located. So after many hours driving from Dallas to Houston and then to Pearsall, with the rest of the week monitoring with several different models the evolution of the weather forecast, we have decided – even with a certain risk -that we must need to move back to north, again, to be more close to Oklahoma state. So on the day before the Eclipse, we had to drive back to Dallas during five or six hours and in the morning of the Eclipse, we did an extra two hours drive, to reach a small city called, Clarksville, in the northeast of Texas. At 10 AM the sky was still cloudy, and I only had 2 hours before the Eclipse starts, which means, to prepare the entire setup of 6 cameras with lens, tripods, mounts, filters, cables etc. Fortunately, like a miracle, just 5 minutes before totality starts, the sky cleared up where the Sun was located and during the Maximum it was completely crystal clear, at least, for around 1min and 30 seconds, calm and windless until the end. It was just…Magical!!

Licensed Music from Envato: 80s Wave by MARIAN
Captured and Edited by Miguel Claro.

Taking an high resolution HDR image like that represents an enormous amount of personal and professional efforts, as well as an incredible financial investment! I released an extensive article on my website with all the technical details here.

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